Turn your life into a masterpiece.

Would you like to release your emotional blockages in record time with an individually tailored plan and develop your full potential in all areas of life?


  • Recognize the deeper causes and strategically clarify all areas of life for maximum flow and joie de vivre.
  • Problems solve in seconds. And sustainably.
  • Don’t have time for bullshit? Excellent! Neither do I.
"Nicolas turned my world upside down. With his simple and incredibly effective manner, he more than impressed me."
Influencerin, Entrepreneuse
"Nicolas Matt impressed me from the first minute! In his work he is characterized by his competence and passion."
Leo Martin
Ex-Agent | Topspeaker | Bestselling-Author
UPgrade for your life.

What would you do, if you had no fear anymore?


  • You would look years younger and everyone asks for your “secret”.
  • You would release all the emotional bullshit from your system in order to be free.
  • You would draw exciting and great people into your life in order to be able to really enjoy your life and prosperity on all levels.
THE Process

1. selection

I carefully select the people I work with. If you really want and if you’re ready to invest in your desired outcome, nearly everything is possible.

2. SessionS

If we decide to work with each other, we’ll have a certain number of sessions (live or on the phone).

3. after-care

Since your understanding of life will drastically change  your quality of life will increase exponentially. There will be questions. I’ll give you the answers, so you can totally enjoy what’s all yet to come.

Clean up your life.

"Pause. Reflect. Understand. Act. Succeed."


Expert for Development



  • former lecturer at the Mannheim Business School
  • Over 20,000 participants in over 12 years
  • Over 46 professional certifications
  • International coach and advisor to board members, top politicians and entrepreneurs (Daimler, Deutsche Bahn, Bayer, Kärcher etc.)
  • Developer of countless approaches and methods in personal development and psychology
  • Studied social and business communication, media psychology, media sociology, design thinking and Asian economics in Berlin, Potsdam and Bangkok

Nicolas Matt helps people grow: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. He studied social and business communication, media psychology, media sociology, design thinking and Asian economics in Berlin, Potsdam and Bangkok and is a lecturer at the Mannheim Business School. Against all attempts at discouragement, Nicolas founded his first company at the age of 18 and, as a whiz kid, he was promoted to “Germany’s youngest rhetoric trainer” (Stuttgarter Zeitung). For more than 10 years he has been a who-is-who of international corporations ( Bayer, Daimler, Merck, Kärcher, Deutsche Bahn etc.) and top international universities as trainers, coaches and speakers. He regularly looks after professional athletes, board members and top musicians in his unconventional and fresh way. With his “just do it” mentality, the double social award winner initiated a nationwide award-winning environmental project, repositioned a multi-million dollar stock corporation and was co-founder of a strategic consulting agency that is still very successful today. He is the developer of several important methods of personal development. To date, his company has trained and coached more than 15,000 people.


You have several options to fully unleash your full potential privately or in your company. In 1on1 sessions with me I coach you quickly and precisely to your full strength. In consulting I will show you clearly and strategically what you have to do to make your business flourish. And in the workshops you can collect indescribable knowledge and experience together in a group.




"Nicolas is a master in his field and has helped me a lot to get to the next level in all areas of life. I did both the workshop and the intensive coaching with Nicolas. It was simply outstanding and can be highly recommended. And the nice thing is, the journey is not over yet and thanks to Nicolas' work, which is still having an impact, I am growing more and more holistically from day to day. This sustainability and holism paired with simplicity I have never seen at other seminars or in general Experienced with other coaches. Simply amazing!"
Marcel Lätzsch

"How much is it worth to you that your life is simply amazing?"

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